Patient Testimonials

My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Mary Evers. After practicing nursing for 40 years including 5 years dedicated to dermatology, I was overwhelmed at my first visit to Texas Dermatology Center. The environment was soothing and inviting. I was surprised to see everyone so happy and accommodating to patients and to one another. Five years ago I received a lung transplant due to a rare condition. Because of my need to take many different medications for my transplant, I have a severely compromised immune system and am highly at risk for skin cancers compare to other non-transplant patients. I was misdiagnosed by 2 other prominent and successful dermatologists in Texas. When I saw Dr. Evers for the first time, I knew I had found the right provider for my conditions. Her expertise and attention to my needs were exactly what I needed. My lesions that had previously been examined and dismissed by the other doctors turned out to be two squamous cell carcinomas and more than 3 dozen pre-cancerous lesions were correctly identified and successfully treated by Dr. Evers. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Evers, she is one of a kind and definitely the gold standard. I recommend Dr. Evers and Texas Dermatology to all my friends and family.

-Barbara and Mark Melikan

At my first visit, Dr. Mary Evers provided me a very thorough body exam. She identified multiple pre-cancerous lesions and removed several moles. She discovered an abnormal lesion on my head that had previously been diagnosed as a benign cyst. It was large, skin colored and appeared harmless. However, it was causing me a bit of discomfort. Dr. Evers thoroughly discussed my conditions and options, she removed it, biopsied it and sent it out for further analysis. It was a rare form of Malignant Melanoma found in only 1-3 % of the population who developed Malignant Melanoma. Detection by Dr. Evers and her immediate referral action to the appropriate plastic surgery and oncology specialists saved my life. Thank you Dr. Evers and your caring staff.

-Lola Ross

My husband and I followed Dr. Evers when she opened Texas Dermatology Center. Previously we both had various skin growths and cancers removed. Dr. Evers removed a Squamous cell Carcinoma for my husband. We have two reasons to seek Dr. Evers for our dermatologic needs — her professional expertise in dermatology and the friendly and warm atmosphere of her staff.

-Marie Martch