Surgical Care Instructions:

• Remove surgical bandage in 24 hours.
• Wash area twice daily with half strength hydrogen peroxide and a q-tip as directed at the office.
• Apply ointment twice daily (bacitracin or polysporin or vaseline if allergic to antibiotic ointments).
• Please DO NOT use Neosporin ointment.
• Please cover the surgical site. This keeps the surgical site moist and prevents a scab from forming. Scab formation on the surgical site inhibits wound healing and should be avoided if possible.
• If bleeding occurs, apply firm pressure for 20 minutes. If bleeding continues, please call the office or go to an urgent care/emergency room.
• If you have sutures (stitches), they must be removed. Please keep your follow-up appointment to have them removed: face – 7 days, arms/chest – 10 days, back/legs – 14 days. If you need to reschedule this appointment, please call 512.868.9800.
• If the site develops any sign/symptom of infection (redness, warmth, drainage, fever/chills) please call our office immediately.

Follow-up Instructions:

• It is imperative that you follow-up in the office after the surgical procedure. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please call 512.868.9800 to reschedule.
• Pathology results (if any) will be given at the time of the follow-up appointment.
• If you have any additional questions or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to call our office at (512) 868-9800.

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