Sensitive Skin Care Protocol:

• Shower or bathe no more than once daily
• Avoid hot water; this dries out the skin
• Use a soft cotton washcloth or your hands to cleanse your skin, do not use rough sponges, loofa sponges or buff puffs
• Use only mild soaps, examples are Dove sensitive skin, Cetaphil, CeraVe
• After showering pat dry rather than rubbing
• Moisturize your skin after each bath or shower (before skin dries) with one of the creams/ointments listed below (creams & ointments work better than lotions)
• Apply moisturizing cream in the direction the hair grows (apply from the body center outward)
• Avoid other creams, lotions, or other skin preparations that are not recommended by your doctor
• Do not use perfumes or colognes
• Do not scratch or rub your skin
• Trim nails short so that you don’t accidentally scratch during your sleep
• Wear soft, non-binding cotton clothing and other natural fiber clothing
• Wash clothes with Cheer Free, Tide Free, or All Free & Clear
• Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets

Moisturizing Ointments & Creams (may need to use 2-4 times daily)

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (fragrance free)
White Petrolatum
Cetaphil cream
Eucerin cream
CeraVe cream

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