Home Wart Treatment

Wait to start home wart treatment for 5-7 days after treatment in the doctor’s office.

- Soak affected area in warm water for 15 minutes each night.
- After soaking, use an emery board to file down thick calloused skin. Make sure you use this emery board only for this purpose.
- After filing, apply wart medicine, followed by a waterproof tape. Duct tape is the most effective for this purpose.
- Wash off medication in the morning, may use pumice stone if thick/calloused.
- Repeat this process every night to obtain the best effect. Do not stop until wart is completely gone away or your next office visit.

Wart Treatment Products:

Any product with 40% Salicylic Acid, such as any of the following:

Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away
Rite brand Wart Remover

If you cannot find any of these products on the shelf, ask the pharmacist.