Biopsy Wound Care Instructions:

• Remove band-aid in 24 hours.
• Wash area each day with mild soap with fingertips only. Peroxide may be used if area has a scab.
• Apply ointment 1-2x/day (bacitracin/polysporin/vaseline if allergic to antibiotic ointments).
• Please DO NOT use Neosporin ointment.
• Keep area moist with Antibiotic ointment at all times.
• It is not necessary to keep area covered but a band-aid may be more comfortable in some cases.
• If bleeding occurs, apply firm pressure for 20 minutes. If bleeding continues, please call the office or go to an urgent care/emergency room.
• If you have sutures (stitches), they must be removed. Please stop by our office to have them removed: face – 7 days, arms/chest – 10 days, back/legs – 14 days.
• If the site develops any sign/symptom of infection (redness, warmth, drainage) please call our office immediately.

Biopsy Results:

• We will call you with your biopsy report within 10 working days.
• If you have an answering machine, we will NOT leave the report on your machine. We will, however, let you know the report is in our office and request that you call for the results.
• In the event we have not contacted you by phone after 2 weeks, please call our office for the results.

» Download Biopsy Wound Care (PDF)